The Title is the Hardest Part

I’ve felt outside of myself this week. Like, I’ve been keeping on goal (mostly), but I haven’t really felt connected to what I’ve been doing.

I think this is because this week’s schedule has been off-kilter. School was out Monday, and then there was late start on Wednesday. School’s also out tomorrow too. Kids these days have it so easy, never apparently having to go to school. And when school is out, it totally whacks my routine.

I seem to have a difficult time getting things done when I’m pushed outside of my regular routine. Back in my early-mid-twenties I was diagnosed with ADHD. It was a surprise to no one but me, but I’d already created ways to cope so I’ve never really done much with the diagnosis. For instance, I’m freakishly organized about things in my life, and I do this as a fail-safe for keeping ADHD from letting me miss things. And so when my routine is off, I start to feel like I’ve been flailing. This is what I’ve felt this week.

However, like I mentioned, I’ve still been working on things.

First off, I started a Twitter for this here blog. It allows me to share things on a smaller, more frequent scale. I’ve never been into Twitter, but doing it for this purpose has been fun so far. And some of the people who follow me are legitimate humans who I don’t even know! You can follow me at @myJOMOlife. And a quick shoutout to @ShrimpBoyz who suggested the Twitter thing. You should follow them. It’s about shrimp.

I finished Carrie Brownstein‘s memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. It was a little slow to start for me, as she’s a pretty wordy writer. She’s got like two metaphors for everything. And her vocabulary is extensive, almost to the point of being alienating. I kept wanting to tap words for definitions, every time thwarted because I was reading it analog. But towards the end I was really enjoying it.

I’ve failed at exercise this week. I didn’t go to the gym at all, partly because I injured my knee after so much walking about last week. I spent two or three days icing and heating and icing again.

I did go on a hike with the family today in Silver Falls State Park. It was pretty! And full of water falls! And there was a lot of down walking, and then back up again. I’m preemptively icing my knee as I write – a cautionary icing. But look!:

I haven’t done any sewing, but I did schedule my sewing classes. I begin a four-class session on February 6th and I’m really looking forward to it!

Sadly, I failed at grocery shopping this week.

Fail Groceries

$102.46? Unacceptable!

But it gets worse. I also went to New Seasons (local grocer de naturalistic fallacy) and purchased a bag of vital wheat gluten (for making kickass seitan) and some soy curls, which brings the total grocery bill for the week to $117.04. Sad indeed.

Most of this inflated bill is because we seemed to run out of all paper products at once. I also had to stock up on some canned goods, veggie broth, granola bars (I know, I know… I need to be making these, but I’ve been flailing, okay?) and a growler fill of RPM IPA from Boneyard Beer. (Quick side note about the growler fill – I wanted to get Buoy Beer Company‘s IPA, but the keg blew as the guy was filling it, so he gave me the RPM for the happy hour price! What fortune! Also, yes… our grocery stores have growler stations. This is Portland, remember?)

Last week, the husband and I decided that we would save the difference between $150 (our average weekly grocery bill pre-challenge) and whatever I spend on groceries into our vacation savings. We’ve got a few trips in mind this spring/summer, so this gives me a greater impetus to spend even less on groceries!

I made some all-purpose spray, as that was the next cleaner I ran out of. It’s based off of this recipe here.

all purpose sprayjpg

Metal cleaning spray is metal.

The recipe comes out looking like a grey nutrient broth, so the husband suggested I add some food coloring to make it more visually pleasing. It looks much better with a couple drops of blue and green. The whole bottle cost me less than a dollar to make, and it smells all clean and fresh! I think next time I run out of castile soap I’ll either make my own, or get unscented because everything I make with it smells of peppermint which isn’t horrible, but is limiting.

I also made some “Jet Dry” out of hydrogen peroxide and lemon essential oil. You can find the recipe here. I’ve come across some rinse aid recipes that call for distilled vinegar but beware: I’ve read reports that pouring vinegar into your dishwasher’s inner bits can cause important pieces like gaskets and rubbery things to degrade. I have not noticed any difference to the dishes when using this homemade rinse aid, but to be fair, I don’t know if store-bought rinse aid is noticeable either.

I have been hanging out with folks on a one-on-one and couples basis this week, which has felt good! In fact, since starting this process I haven’t gone to any parties (save from one bestie’s birthday, which was not to be missed). This has felt good to me – actually connecting with folks. I’ve got a small game night coming up next weekend with a couple good friends. I am looking forward to it!

I’ve been thinking over the 5K thing; which one I’m going to do. I might sign up for the Shamrock Run, which is in March. I understand that it’s such a busy clusterfuck that pretty much all you can do is walk, which would take a fair amount of pressure off.

Sadly, I did not find the joy of missing out this week. I’ve been out of sorts and feeling chaotic, but some of what I’ve been doing is feeling more habitual, so I think that’s a small win. Maybe I’ll find it next week!

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